Kingdom Education for Young Scholars, a new
standard in Christian-based Homeschooling.

Our program provides parents and children with a genuine Christian education alternative. With a solid framework of Biblical principles, education, fine arts and ministry, Kingdom Education for Young Scholars trains young people to be a strong and encouraging voice to the next generation. Sign Up Today!

Christian based HomeschoolingThe purpose of K.E.Y.S. is to partner with parents of homeschooled students to define life in terms of a Christian worldview and take God's love and mercy to others. The Bible is our measure and standard of truth. All classes are taught based upon this standard. While we do not require students to agree with this standard, we do expect them to operate within this framework while a part of K.E.Y.S.. Participation in K.E.Y.S. assumes that the student desires to be mentored in a Christian worldview and that the actions of each individual will reflect Biblical guidelines.

We desire to teach students to be Christians who affect the world around them. We encourage students to be lifelong learners as well as committed servant leaders, equipped to impact their world with God's truth.Sign Me Up Now!

K.E.Y.S. offers not only excellence in academic and fine arts courses, but much more...
Concerts Convocations Drama Productions
Family Fall Festival Field Trips Fine Arts Spring Trip
Graduation Ceremony Ministry Outreach Praise Team
Private Music Lessons Recreation Spelling Bee
Standardized Testing Talent Show Yearbook
District, Regional, and State Music Competitions Student Leadership Association/Leadership Training